It’s finally summer, and for twelve-year-old Aislinn that means two sweet, uninterrupted weeks at her favourite place in the world–Summerwood Farm. At Summerwood’s all-girl Horse Camp, Aislinn is surrounded by all the things she loves most: her horse, Firefly; her best friend Jill; and her mentor, Grace. But this year, things are different from day one. There’s a boy at camp, Grace seems tense, and rumours swirl about the stable’s land being sold. Not to mention, Aislinn keeps seeing things no one else can–a fox, an owl, and even a ghostly boy who seems to need her help–and her visions are starting to affect her riding and her friendships. So one starry night, Aislinn sneaks out to meet the ghost boy and hear his story. She also learns about the Indigenous history of the land around Summerwood, and what life was like for residents of a former Poor Farm that was in the same area. But, as Aislinn soon finds out, all actions have consequences, and she faces serious punishment for breaking Summerwood’s rules. With stumbles and false starts, we follow Aislinn as she strives to become an environmental activist, an Indigenous ally, and a better rider and friend. (Nimbus Publishing, May 2022)

“…a fun, progressive book with lots of horsiness, [and an] eye-opening story about struggling to do the right thing…” –Sage Millen, Canadian Horse Journal.

“A true coming-of-age story with elements of magical realism and authentic equestrian themes.” –Atlantic Horse & Pony Magazine.

“A captivating read [that] combines an authentic horse-filled story with an exciting, mysterious plot and lots of well-researched Indigenous culture.” –Grace Stevenson, Foshay International.

“I immediately fell in love with everything about it. This is the perfect book for any young reader who loves history, adventure, and most importantly, horses!” –Ellie Wilson, Digitally Lit.

“I couldn’t put it down, I wanted to constantly read and find out what happens next. It’s a fantastic read for any horse lover out there that needs a twist of spooky as well. –Ashley K., Goodreads.

“I especially loved the role of the ghost boy and Indigenous culture and heritage, and how the land and the past feels almost like another character.” –Jennifer MacDonald.

Available from Nimbus Publishing, Woozles, Tattletales, Bookmark II, Chapters Indigo, Amazon Canada, Amazon US,, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and bookstores across North America. (International release dates coming soon.)



~Winner, 2017 Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award~

Touch of Gold cover

Thirteen-year-old Jamie Francis is facing a lonely summer. She’s just moved with her mother to the rural town of River Bend, Nova Scotia, following her parents’ divorce, and she hasn’t made any friends. But one day, Jamie comes across a neglected horse in a field: a palomino she names Peach.

Jamie soon learns from the horse’s widowed owner that Peach is being sold to tough-as-nails Valerie Scott, who runs nearby Tamarack Stables. Jamie offers to pitch in around the barn, and becomes enchanted with the world of competitive horseback riding–especially show jumping. She also gets to know Valerie’s sons, fiery, red-headed Nick and cool, handsome Paul, as well as Naomi, a popular girl from school. But all three of them have been riding and showing for years, and Jamie isn’t sure she’ll ever fit in. If only she could ride Peach….  (Nimbus Publishing, September 2015)

“LOVE. That is all I can say. I’m speechless.” –Anna, age 11, Goodreads.

“Touch of Gold will be treasured by horse lovers and young readers everywhere…[The] characters, both human and equine, jump off the page. There’s drama, horsemanship, romance, and more–a real treat to read.” –Shelley Peterson, bestselling author of the Saddle Creek series.

Well-paced and engaging,…Touch of Gold is a tender coming-of-age story, adeptly celebrating the ups and downs of young love, the joy of animals and the life-affirming companionship they give, and the intoxicating power of taking chances and believing in oneself. …[A] thoughtful, moving story of friendship, determination, and courage.” —Jennifer D. Foster, National Reading Campaign.

This tender tale of a serendipitous friendship between a lonely girl and an equally lonely palomino will have readers cheering for both Jamie and her training partner, Peach. With plenty of emotional twists and turns, both inside and outside the ring, at its heart, this thoughtfully written story of determination and courage celebrates their powerful bond.” –Jan Coates, author of Governor General’s Literary Award Finalist, A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk.

Available from Nimbus PublishingAmazon Canada, Amazon US, Amazon UKChapters Indigo, Barnes & NobleBook Depository, and bookstores everywhere.

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